Classroom Management with Online Tools (Including Google Docs)

Presented by Dr. Mark Wagner, California League of Middle Schools

Date and Time: Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 4:00-5:00 pm
Yes, free online tools can help with classroom management. Learn how you can move many of your management tasks online – and how you can help improve the classroom environment (and student behavior) by extending and building the classroom community online. This session will also cover the basics of moderating an online class (or hybrid online and face-to-face class), techniques that will be useful even in a traditional classroom. Collaborative tools such as Google Docs (and others) make this possible. Leave with strategies that work…in the 21st century.

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Recording 2010-04-21

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Note: Google Docs experienced an extremely rare "service outage" during this webinar, so the recordings do not include a live demo of the features below, though there is a walk-through of the help files.

Interactivity Note: Frequently throughout the webinar I will ask you for a grin or frown (or brief sentence) in the text chat to let me know if you are ready to move on (and to check for understanding). This is also an opportunity to ask a question (though you may ask a question at any time too). Several of these requests are set into the agenda below in italics as reminders to me.

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:( = A Frown ("I don't understand or am not ready to move on." Please follow this up with a question or request, so I know what you need help with.)

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Introduce yourself in the text chat. (A brief sentence... or two.)

Welcome Activity

Do you have a Google Account? (Grin or Frown?)
Have you used Google Docs before? (Grin or Frown?)
Could you explain Google Docs to a colleague? (Grin or Frown?)
What do you hope to get out of today's webinar? (A brief sentence... or two.)

If you'd like to participate in some of the interactive demonstrations, please share your Google account with me.

Classroom Management with Online Tools

A Message from Bud Hunt: Technology isn't the babysitter, the security guard, or the nanny. You are. If you need to be.
A Message from Cory Robertson: Technology engages students in ways few education tools can. If students are engaged, there is little need for Behavior Mgmt.

We'll be looking at techniques and examples that support educators' efforts in the following areas:
  • Managing Student Behavior and Behavior Data
  • Managing Student Work and Group Work
  • Managing Assessments and Assessment Data

Quick Examples (from My Colleagues on Twitter):

How are you using online tools for classroom management?

What is Google Docs?

Your best answer? (A brief sentence... or two.)

Google Docs Homepage
Google Docs for Educators

Take a Tour of Google Docs

Are you ready to move on to a live interactive overview? (Grin or Frown?)

Interactive Overview (with Links to Help Pages)


Four Key Features of All Google Docs

Are you ready to move on to some uses for classroom management? (Grin or Frown?)

How can Features of Google Docs be used for classroom management?

Manage Student Behavior and Behavior Data
  • See the sample templates and examples below.
  • Many of the following features are also valuable for tracking student behavior.
Manage Student Work and Group Work
Manage Assessments and Assessment Data

Eric Castro: instructions for in-class learning activities, I project onto screen via Keynote. Written directions clarify/ reinforce verbal (Presentations)
Elizabeth Calhoon: Create a student interest form to start class. (Forms)

Are you ready to see some sample templates and examples? (Grin or Frown?)

Sample Uses of Google Docs for Classroom Management (Templates)

Manage Student Behavior and Behavior Data
Manage Student Work and Group Work
Manage Assessments and Assessment Data

Are you ready to see some more resources you can explore at a later time? (Grin or Frown)

BONUS: Create a self-grading quiz! (For Frequent Assessment with Immediate Feedback)

Create a form with a small number of quiz questions.
Create an IF formula for each question to "grade" the question. (Each IF formula needs to be in a new column - to the right of the form data.)
Fill Down so that the IF formulas you've written can "grade" all the responses at once! (After responses have been submitted!)
Advanced: Create a SUM formula to total up the total score for each person that took the quiz. Then create another formula to calculate the percentage. Advanced: Finally, create a nested IF formula to convert the percentages to letter grades!

Additional Google Docs Resources

Google Docs at the Google Teacher Academy (from GCT Erica Hartman)
Googe Docs at the Google Teacher Academy (from GCT Lainie McGann)
Googe Docs at the Google Teacher Academy for Administrators (from GCT Sarah Rolle)
Google Docs at CUE's Google Workshop for Educators (from many GCTs, including Cory Pavicich)
Google Docs at CUE's Google Workshop for Administrators (from many GCTs, including Mark Wagner and Kyle Brumbaugh)

Extending Classroom Communities Online - And Moderating Classroom Communities

More Ideas for Classroom Management with Technology

From Chris Vacek
  • Our admin use technology to force multiply outcomes for teachers and students.
  • Our teachers use technology to enable student communication, reinforce behavior, to record data outcomes, and manage iep's.
  • Our students with autism use technology to learn group activity structures, social cues, turn taking, and ed content.
  • Our health services and psych staff use wireless physio sensors to monitor fragile health and do functional behavior assessments.
From Michelle Baldwin
  • I use projected timers, blogs/comments for proj. management for students, separate workstations for different roles in grps.

See also the previous webinars on using Google Docs to support student subgroups and using Google Docs to support your PLC .

Do you have any ideas to add to these resources? Or do you have any final questions?

Reflection Activity

What is one thing you learned today that you want to implement soon?
What is one thing you want to implement someday?

End Recording

Contact Information:

Mark Wagner, Ph.D.
California League of Schools Professional Development Solutions