Supporting Student Sub-Groups: Collaboration with Google Docs

Presented by Dr. Mark Wagner, California League of Middle Schools

Google Docs is an online office suite that allows you to create, edit, share, and publish documents, including spreadsheets and presentations. Because everything is stored and even modified on the web, Google Docs makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues -- and even to edit the same document from multiple computers simultaneously.

This session will focus on the use of Google Docs to support at risk students, including special education students, English Language Learners, and others that directly effect your API. Learn strategies for differentiating instruction, documenting student learning, providing scaffolding with templates, and implementing frequent formative assessments (with immediate feedback) -- plus much more. This one tool can revolutionize the way you support at risk students, and in this economic environment, the best news is that Google Docs is FRE

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Introduction and Overview

Slides Developed for CUE's Google Workshop for Administrators

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs Homepage
Google Docs for Educators

Interactive Overview (with Links to Help Pages):


Overview Presentation (From Google For Educators - Google Docs)
Demo Presentation (Join me in the chat room!)

How can Google Docs be used to extend staff collaboration online?

Example uses include:
  • Using a document for shared notes, meeting minutes, resources, or lesson plans.
  • Using a presentation for shared instructional materials - or presenting data.
  • Using a spreadsheet for sharing and analyzing data.
  • Using a form to collect data needed for decision making.

How can Google Docs be used to support student subgroups?

Differentiated Learning
Document Student Learning (Process and Progress)
Frequent Formative Assessments

Sample Uses of Google Docs to Support Student Subgroups (From Student & Teacher Templates)

ELD Lesson Plan Template
Special Education Meeting Reflections
SST Follow Up Form
RtI assessment data e-portfolio template
RtI Log
Research Paper Template
Physics Lab Template
More from Todd Roth...
Search ALL Student and Teacher Templates...

Bonus: Scantron Template (For frequent assessment and feedback.)

More Uses of Forms for Data Collection

Examples uses include:
  • A Teacher (or Student) Observation Form
  • A WASC Data Collection Form
  • An Awards Nomination Form
  • A Professional Development Evaluation
  • A Staff or Community Survey
  • A PLC Team Meeting Form
    • Attendance
    • Team Smart Goal
    • Strategies and Action Steps
    • Responsibilities
    • Timeline
    • Evidence of Effectiveness
  • Advanced: A Self-Grading Quiz (See Below)

More Uses of Forms (for Administrators)

Sample Forms (and Spreadsheets) Used By Administrators:
Resources for Administrators Using Google Forms (from GCT Jason Borgen at
Additional GCT Resources for Administrators:
Even More Ideas...

BONUS: Create a self-grading quiz!

Create a form with a small number of quiz questions.
Create an IF formula for each question to "grade" the question. (Each IF formula needs to be in a new column - to the right of the form data.)
Fill Down so that the IF formulas you've written can "grade" all the responses at once! (After responses have been submitted!)
Advanced: Create a SUM formula to total up the total score for each person that took the quiz. Then create another formula to calculate the percentage. Advanced: Finally, create a nested IF formula to convert the percentages to letter grades!

BONUS: Import and Export Google Docs

Google Docs Mass Uploader - Upload multiple documents at once!
Google Docs Download - Download (and backup) your Google Docs! (Firefox Add-on)
DownThemAll - Use with Google Docs Download to make downloading Google Docs easy. (Firefox Add-on)

BONUS: Make Google Docs More Secure

Http is an insecure protocol. Https is secure. Be sure to always use https when accessing Google Docs on a public network (or any network for additional security).
  • Method 1 - Simply type an "s" at the end of "http" when you connect to Google Docs to force a secure connection. You can then bookmark for future secure access.
  • Method 2 - For users of Gmail, go to Settings, look for Browser Connection, and select "Always use https" - then always launch Docs from the link at the top of the Gmail page. This will force Docs to open using https as well.
  • Method 3 - For administrators of a Google Apps: Education Edition domain, you can require all users in the domain to use https by Enabling SSL for your domain.

Additional Google Docs Resources

Google Docs at the Google Teacher Academy (from GCT Erica Hartman)
Google Docs at CUE's Google Workshop for Educators (from many GCTs, including Cory Pavicich)
Google Docs at CUE's Google Workshop for Administrators (from many GCTs, including Mark Wagner and Kyle Brumbaugh)

Google Docs Homepage
Google Docs for Educators

Contact Information:

Mark Wagner, Ph.D.
California League of Schools Professional Development Solutions