Using Technology to Support Your PLC: An Overview

Take your professional learning community to the next level by using powerfully simple online tools for collaborating with colleagues. Learn how new technologies can help your professional learning community access information, capture the conversation, and focus communication. Extend the conversation online with powerful two-way communication tools, and discover the power of reaching outside the PLC for new innovations by building an online personal learning network (PLN). This session includes an overview of powerful search techniques, document sharing tools, data collection (and analysis) software, social networking services, and much more that you can share with your entire staff when you return to your site. Best of all, everything you’ll learn about is free.


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Welcome Activity
  • How are you currently using technology to support your PLC?
  • How do you wish you could use technology to support your PLC?
  • How would you like to see some free tools that make a real impact? ;)

Anecdotes and Analogies
  • A Message From The Future
  • The Students (of The Future)
  • PLCs and Driving a Race Car

Professional Learning Communities
  • Access Information
  • Capture The Conversation
  • Focused Communication
  • Collaboration

Web 1.0
  • Powerful resource for educators and students, but…
  • Information moves from publishers to consumers
  • Information cannot be edited
  • Read-Only Web
  • One-Way Web

Web 2.0
  • It is now as easy to create as it is to consume.
  • Anyone can publish, share, and change information
  • Read/Write Web
  • Two-Way Web
  • This is changing our world!


Google Docs
  • Google Docs Homepage
  • Google Docs Crib Sheet
  • Google Docs for Educators
  • Interactive Overview
    • Documents (A few volunteers can join me in a new document.)
    • Presentations (A few volunteers can join me in a new presentation.)
    • Spreadsheets (A few volunteers can join me in a new spreadsheet.)
    • Forms (Anyone can complete a demo form - see below...)
  • Demo Form
    • Complete this survey .
    • View the results.
    • Demonstration: Create and publish a chart.
    • Demonstration: Self Grading Quiz (Your answer to the last question on the survey will be graded!)
  • Using Google Docs with your PLC
    • Use a document for shared assessments, lesson plans, meeting minutes, or other resources.
    • Use a presentation for shared materials - or presenting data.
    • Use a spreadsheet for sharing and analyzing data.
    • Use a form to collect data. Example uses include:
      • A Teacher (or Student) Observation Form
      • A WASC Data Collection Form
      • An Awards Nomination Form
      • A Professional Development Evaluation
      • A Staff or Community Survey
      • A PLC Team Meeting Form
        • Attendance
        • Team SMART Goal
        • Strategies and Action Steps
        • Responsibilities
        • Timeline
        • Evidence of Effectiveness
      • Advanced: A Self-Grading Quiz
      • Any Data Needed For Informed Decision Making
  • More Google Docs Resources

Even More Google (Time Permitting)

Social Networks and PLNs (Personal Learning Networks)
  • Who's in your learning network?
  • Create a Permeable PLC and Encourage Diffusion of Innovation
  • Learning to Network (Regardless of The Tool)
    • Make Connections
    • Make Contributions
    • Make Conversation
    • Make Requests
  • Networking to Learn

Reflection Activity
  • Which of these tools do you most want to implement?
  • What are your next steps?