Videoconferencing with TinyChat

With TinyChat you can create your own online meeting and invite people through one simple link. Each meeting allows up to 12 web cams and up to 100 in the text chat. And the barriers to entry are low - it's free and there's not even any need to sign up for an account! Learn to use TinyChat for future board meetings, for regional committees, and for your own work with your school or district. The teachers you work with can also easily use this service with students for online classes or office hours - or to videoconference with others around the world. More...

Get Started:

Welcome Activity
  • How many of you have used some form of web-based video conferencing?
  • How many have your own web cam?
  • How many of you would like to web conference for free without the need for any complicated or expensive software - or even a username & password?

  • Create a chatroom (Like, say "CLMS" or "CLMS9").
  • Enter a nickname and a topic (and cancel the Twitter sign in - unless you want to post a link to the room on Twitter).
  • Start chatting.
  • Start broadcasting.
  • Select your camera and your microphone.
  • Advanced: Use Camtwist on a Mac (or buy ScreenCamera or WebCamMax for Windows) to share your desktop (in low res) as your video feed.


Reflection Activity
  • Again, how might you actually use this as a board member (or in your "day job")?
  • How might you use this in combination with the other tools we've learned today (or others)?

More Resources
  • You might also see my Ustream workshop. Ustream is a similar service (with additional features), that is more focused on broadcast (with chat) than on conferencing. And it does require an account, at least for the host. However, many of the educational uses I mention there can also be achieved using tinychat. :)
  • For a more full featured webinar tool (but without video), DimDim allows up to 20 participants for free and is very high quality.