Collaboration with Google Docs

Google Docs is an online office suite that allows you to create, edit, share, and publish documents, including spreadsheets and presentations. Because everything is stored and even modified on the web, Google Docs makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues - and even to edit the same document from multiple computers simultaneously. This session will focus on the use of Google Docs during CLMS/CLHS board meetings and committee meetings - whether the participants are in the same room, on a conference call in different cities, or meerly giving feedback when it's convenient for them. Discussion will also include ways to use Google Docs with the staff at your school or district. Examples of student use will be included as well. You can share these tools with teachers!

Get Started:

Welcome Activity
  • How many of you have used Google Docs? Regularly?
  • How many of you have a Google Account?
  • Watch "Google Docs in Plain English" below:


Activity: How might Google Docs be valuable as a Board Member?
  • If you don't already have one, create a new Google Account. (Note: Gmail is automatically a Google Account.)
  • In a small group, create a document, presentation, spreadsheet, or form using Google Docs to illustrate your answer to the question above.
  • Publish the file and add the lead learner as a collaborator. Links to the files will be added below.
  • One member of each small group will present the file to the large group

Reflection Activity
  • What are your next steps for using Google Docs in your role as a CLMS/CLHS board member (or in your "day job")?

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