The League Learning Network (on Ning)

The League Learning Network will allow you to extend your board retreat experience when you leave! CLMS and CLHS have set up an online social network for educators. Learn how to join and how you can collaborate with a statewide community - and with your local region. Discover and share blog posts, pictures, videos, and more. Participate in groups and discussion forums - and keep others informed about the latest news and events. As a board member and/or committee chair you can even create and organize your own exclusive groups making use of all these features. Best of all, meet and converse with like minded colleagues - all in the new League Learning Network.

Get Started:

Welcome Activity
  • How many of you are already on the League Learning Network?
  • How many of you have used it more than once? What about regularly?
  • How many of you have used it for board or regional business? What about "Day Job" business?



Reflection Activity
  • Since we're actually all in the same room, let's discuss our answer to the question above face-to-face...
  • How might you use this in your work for CLMS/CLHS (or in your day job)?

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