Learning to Network & Networking to Learn: Beyond The Tools...

Mark Wagner, Ph.D.

There’s always new web tools, but it’s more important to become part of an online learning network than to master any specific tool. The purpose of this session is to help participants develop the new literacy of joining and growing an online learning network. To that end, the session aims to establish the importance of learning within a social network (based on social constructivist theory) and to help participants see beyond specific tools to discover ways they can build their online learning network over time.

Presentation Slides

Welcome Question

  • Who makes up your learning network?

Learning to Network & Networking to Learn

Two-Way Web Stories

Learning to Network & Networking to Learn

  • Make Connections
  • Make Contributions
  • Make Conversation
  • Make Requests

Getting Started

Reflection Question

  • How do you plan to expand your learning network?

Online Evaluation