Technology And Your PLC: Collaboration With Google Docs

Google Docs is an online office suite that allows you to create, edit, share, and publish documents, including spreadsheets and presentations. Because everything is stored and even modified on the web, Google Docs makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues - and even to edit the same document from multiple computers simultaneously. This session will focus on the use of Google Docs to promote and support collaboration within a PLC, including strategies for creating common assessments, sharing best practices, and capturing the conversation - even between meetings. This one tool can revolutionize the way your PLC collaborates. And it’s free.


Welcome Activity
  • Do you have a Google Account?
  • Have you used Google Docs before?
  • Could you explain Google Docs to a colleague?
  • What do you hope to get out of today's workshop?

What is Google Docs?

Interactive Overview (with Links to Help Pages):
  • Documents (A few volunteers can join me in a new document.)
  • Presentations (A few volunteers can join me in a new presentation.)
  • Spreadsheets (A few volunteers can join me in a new spreadsheet.)

Activity: How can Google Docs be used to extend your PLC online?
  • Login to Google Docs
    • If you have a Google Account, enter your username and password. Then click Sign In. (Note: Gmail is automatically a Google Account.)
    • Click on "Get Started" if you need to create a Google Account first! (Note: You can sign up using any email account that you can check online... you might just want to use your work email.)
  • Create a new document, presentation, or spreadsheet to illustrate your answer.
  • Add colleagues as collaborators.
  • Mock up a "proof-of-concept" to illustrate something you might actually implement. Examples include:
    • Using a document for shared assessments, lesson plans, meeting minutes, or other resources.
    • Using a presentation for shared materials - or presenting data.
    • Using a spreadsheet for sharing and analyzing data.
  • Add me as a collaborator: (I'll share with the large group.)

Reflection Activity